Some really interesting comparisons to Foursquare and Twitter back in 2009 before it really reached mass adoption. Once Twitter realized that success was more than just people tweeting (but reading tweets), they took off. Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley notes that more people are using the app, but fewer people are checking in. The reason for that? People are using the app to see where there friends are at and get recommendations. Could be pretty cool to see how the capitalize on this in the near future and make Foursquare more useful and appealing to the mainstream.


When Dennis Crowley, the CEO of Foursquare, visited the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last year, he told me he spent a lot of time explaining Foursquare to the operators and vendors that are the main visitors at this event.

This year, he said the number of business cards he was handed was “like this,” making a big C-shape with his index finger and thumb. Why the change? “I think we are one of a handful of companies that builds products that would actually encourage people to upgrade their devices,” he said. That’s an important fact to remember as smartphone penetration continues to grow and takeup slows down, specifically in the developed markets where Foursquare has most made its mark.

That growth in reputation has been matched by a growth in Foursquare’s business: the company has tripled its numbers in the last year, going from “around five million” to more…

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