Want to Learn How to Write Better Headlines? Read Techmeme

What’s the number one way to get a ton of traffic on a post? Write a great headline.

People often mock Business Insider for their headlines, but they do a great job of getting eyes on their stories.  SEOmoz’s Neil Patel recently wrote a post talking about the secret to writing great headlines: don’t make them cute, clever or confusing.  Neil says “The goal of the headline is to stop readers cold and draw them into your post. You can’t do that if you use cute, clever or confusing headlines.”

He’s right.  There’s so much noise in everyone’s inbox and social media feeds.  Just get to the point.

Reading Techmeme is one of the best ways to learn how to write great headlines that get right to the point.

Techmeme is a site that aggregates all of the top stories in the tech world online and sorts them by those that are getting the most traffic and mentions in social media.  It’s every tech bloggers goal to be featured on Techmeme because it means that you crushed your story and got a ton of traffic (and probably wrote a great headline).

Look at how they write headlines and try to mimic that style.

Agree that headlines should get right to the point? Have a tip for writing great headlines? Share it below.

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