How to Create a Data Driven Marketing Team

I spent the morning on Tuesday attending MassTLC‘s seminar “Inside the Head of the Data Driven Marketer.”  It was a great session – and very timely – as it seems like more and more marketing and data are being discussed hand-in-hand.

But data isn’t traditionally marketing’s “thing” – and as a result, the shift to using data to drive decisions in marketing won’t happen overnight.

So how you do start to make this change in  your team of marketers?  Prashant Kaw – who heads up lead gen at SmartBear had some simple, straight-forward advice from his experience at SmartBear and HubSpot (his previous job):

1)  Develop a culture of monitoring and define your metrics.  From the CEO all the way down to the most junior employee, everyone should be aware of the three metrics that drive the business, and the three metrics that are most important to their specific job.  If  you manage the blog for example, what are you metrics? How are they driving toward company goals?

2) Create opportunities to share information.  Most teams already have weekly stand-ups and monthly marketing meeting. Use these meetings as opportunities to share information.  But this doesn’t mean you need to fire up the projector, open up Excel and spend the entire time in the weeds.  Just share what matters: how are you performing against the goals you defined?  If you planned 15,000 visitors this month, where do you stand as of today? How close are you to your lead goal for the month? And if you are short, what’s the plan for the next week to step on the gas?

It would be very easy for marketers to continue to ignore data.  I’ve seen it first hand, with myself.  I’m not a math guy, so it can be intimidating at times, but I’m also starting to understand that you don’t have to be.  Prashant’s presentation made things very clear:  there’s a difference between being good with numbers and understanding them – and how they can be used to optimize your marketing efforts.


2 thoughts on “How to Create a Data Driven Marketing Team

  1. Dave, great re-cap and thanks for the shout out. A key thing I hoped to emphasize is that success with data requires buy-in from the entire company. Keep up the great blogging!

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