Product Marketing: Why You Need to Be Telling Product Stories

There are hundreds of companies out there that might be doing something similar to you.

There are a million features out there that are similar to the features your product has.

You can find almost anything on the Internet, and as a result, it’s easier than ever for prospects to evaluate your product and make a decision without ever having to interact with you (they don’t have to start a trial, talk to one of your reps, and they really don’t even have to visit your website).

So how do you get people to use your product over someone else’s?  By telling a great product story.

Yes, marketing is responsible for feeding sales with leads – but they should also be responsible for creating a strong and consistent product story (great stuff on this topic from Rick Burnes in “An Inbound Marketer’s Guide to Product Marketing”).

A great product story will help prospects navigate the jungle of competitive offerings and find their way to you – and this will help grease the skids for sales.